A Message Regarding the Reopening of St. Andrew’s

Dear Friends,

After careful and prayerful consideration, the Session at St. Andrew’s has set a tentative church reopening date of Sunday, September 13th.

There are many reasons for choosing this date, with the health and safety of our congregation being of the utmost concern. Also, with the passing of the summer months, it is possible that the current situation will improve and some of the restrictions presently in place will be eased. To help facilitate reopening, a Task Group has been formed to design a comprehensive plan to ensure that our return to St. Andrew’s goes smoothly and safely.

Since no one can predict the future, the reopening date must remain tentative. However, it is my sincere hope and heartfelt prayer that we will be able to resume in-church worship on that date. Please keep our congregation and its leadership in your prayers and, God willing, we will see you in September!

Yours, in Christ,

Rev. Mark Wolfe