A Warm Welcome Awaits You!



May 22nd, 2022
Sixth Sunday of Easter

Welcome and Announcements (10:30 am)

Greeting and Call to Worship:

Come to this place of prayer, for God is calling you.

     We have come to encounter the Word of God.

Let voices of praise greet the One who calls us.

     Our hearts respond with hope for this new day.

God reigns amongst us and fills the world with light.

     May God guide all nations in the way of peace.

Hymn # 411: Stand up and bless the Lord

Prayer of Adoration and Confession

Assurance of Pardon

Hymn # 203:  When Jesus the Healer

Prayer of Illumination:
O Risen Christ,

may we who in Baptism die to sin,

rise again and find our lives in you.

May the new covenant, sealed in your blood, 

bring healing and reconciliation

to this wounded world, and to our souls.

Alleluia! You are risen. We are risen with you.

First Reading                  Acts 3:1-10

Responsive Psalm       Psalm 67

Psalm 67

May God be gracious to us and bless u

     and make his face to shine upon us,

that your way may be known upon earth,

     your saving power among all nations.

Let the peoples praise you, O God;

     let all the peoples praise you.

Let the nations be glad and sing for joy,

     for you judge the peoples with equity

     and guide the nations upon earth.

Let the peoples praise you, O god;

     let all the peoples praise you.

the earth has yielded its increase;

     God, our God, has blessed us.

May God continue to bless us;

     let all the ends of the earth revere him.

Epistle         Revelation 21:1-6

Gospel        John 5:1-9

Sermon        “Liberation Day”

Ministry of Music:
Prayer of Thanksgiving and Intercession

Hymn # 352: And can it be that I should gain


Parting Hymn: “Go Now In Peace” (Besig/Price)

Go now in peace, never be afraid;
God will go with you each hour of every day.
Go now in faith, steadfast, strong, and true;
Know He will guide you in all you do.
Go now in love, and show you believe;
Reach out to others so all the world can see.
God will be there, watching from above;
Go now in peace, in faith, and in love.

Amen. Amen. Amen.



Jean and John would like to thank everyone who joined them for soup after Church last Sunday and to also thank them for their generosity in donating $700 to the Mission Depot.  Thank you also to visitors who came from outside our congregation and for the donations given by people who couldn't be there.  It was a lot of fund and we appreciated the great response!

 St. Andrew's Stratford invites you to enjoy a Ham, Salads & Strawberry Shortcake Supper.

Pick Up & Take Out Meals

$20 pp

Thursday, June 16th from 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Downie Optimist Hall, 3185 Rd. 122 St. Pauls ON

For tickets contact:

Audrey Little 519-801-6270

Marlene Gibson 519-284-0775

Pam McIntosh 519-305-0636

Ruth Reath 519-273-0326

Church Office 519-271-5668



Online worship will continue as usual. Please tune in every Sunday at 10:30 am for Facebook Live services from St. Andrew's. Online services may be accessed by clicking on the "Find us on Facebook" tab, found in the upper right-hand corner of this page, and then by clicking on the "Like" button on our St. Andrew's Facebook page. Please continue to check our Facebook page for updates.

Thank-you and God bless!


For those who have so kindly asked how they can financially support the ongoing work of St. Andrew's, there are four simple options:

(1) E-Transfer: If you bank online, a no-fee E-Transfer may be sent to:

[email protected]

(2) Website: Please click on this link to our Church Website (www.standrewsstratford.ca) and in the upper-right hand corner you will notice a button that says, “Donate”. Click on that button and it will take you to a charitable website called Canada Helps. Fill in the required information, click on the “Complete Donation Now” button, and a charitable tax-receipt will be sent to your email address. Both our website and the Canada Helps website are secure.

(3) PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance): Please click on this link (www.presbyterian.ca/p…/pre-authorized-remittance-par-program) which will direct you to the National Church's website and an enrolment form which can be completed and mailed to the church (with a voided cheque) at the address below.

(4) Cheque: If you wish to donate by cheque, please mail your offering to:

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
25 St. Andrew Street
Stratford, ON
N5A 1A2

Charitable tax receipts will be issued for the 2022 year.

Many thanks and may God bless you richly for your generosity of heart and hand!